Natuurgebied De Haere
Nature reserve De Haere

Nature reserve De Haere - Doornspijk

N 52.399844768845 / E 5.8465706273051

Nature reserve De Haere is located between Doornspijk and 't Harde. Most of the area consists of drifting sand, which gradually changes into heathland. The temperature differences between day and night on such an open plain are very large in clear weather. Plant species must therefore be able to withstand this. The plants found here are often unique, rare species. Take sand seagrass, buntgrass and the lichens donkey's foot and pig's foot, for example, which are completely at home in De Haere.

The heath is overgrown by various species of heather bushes, including the extremely rare lesser wolf's claw. De Haere is one of the oldest sites of this heather species in the Netherlands. Spiny broom and juniper alternate the heathland, until it turns into pine forests.

De Haere is the habitat of many birds, reptiles and insects. With luck, you will spot the nightjar. The tree pipit and tree lark are common at the forest edges. You might spot the sand lizard or the heath butterfly on the heath, or a pine marten in the woods...

Natuurgebied De Haere

Nature reserve De Haere
Badweg 14
8085 RL Doornspijk

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