National Park Veluwezoom

National Park Veluwezoom - Rheden

N 52.017303 / E 6.024743

Together with other nature reserves, Veluwezoom National Park is the largest contiguous dry nature reserve in the Netherlands. You can enjoy cycling, mountain biking (for which you do need a permit) or walking here. But you will also find animals here. At the observation posts, you can almost always see game at the end of the afternoon. Not only wild boar, red deer and roe deer, but with a bit of luck also pine marten, badgers or foxes. From the end of September to the beginning of October is also the mating season of the deer, and the roaring can be heard well.

National Park Veluwezoom

National Park Veluwezoom
Heuvenseweg 6a
6991 JE Rheden

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T: 035-6559911

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Open 24 hours
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