Nationaal Park Dwingelderveld ©Marius Visser
National Park Dwingelderveld

National Park Dwingelderveld - Ruinen

N 52.7815096 / E 6.3734033

Dwingelderveld is the largest wet heath area in Western Europe and thus a unique National Park. The gently sloping heathlands are interspersed with pools, fens, woods and shifting sands.

In Dwingelderveld, you see both heather and heather, as well as rare plants such as bone broom and bell gentian. The dozens of butterfly species that live here flutter from flower to flower. Almost all reptile species found in the Netherlands are found in Dwingelderveld. Finally, some 300 bird species live here, many of which also breed in the area.

Surrounding the magnificent nature, are several bric-a-brac villages. Most of these villages have retained their old character. In Ruinen, Lhee, Dwingeloo, Ansen and Kraloo, you can still easily recognise the structure of an esdorp.

Photo: ©Marius Visser, via

Nationaal Park Dwingelderveld ©Marius Visser

National Park Dwingelderveld
Benderse 22
7963 RA Ruinen

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