Nationaal Park Duinen van Texel
National Park Dunes of Texel

National Park Dunes of Texel - De Koog

N 53.083976 / E 4.751699

National Park Dunes of Texel runs from the southernmost beach De Hors near Den Hoorn to the northernmost tip of the island near the Texel Lighthouse in De Cocksdorp. It is a unique nature reserve in the Netherlands: nowhere else will you find so much variation in landscapes per square metre as here. One moment you see purple heaths, the next you pass salt marshes, wet dune valleys and dry sand dunes, behold the inner dunes and cycle through mixed forests. The long and wide beaches are also part of this national park.

All areas are beautiful. The most unique spots within the dune area, are De Slufter and the points where the North Sea meets the Wadden Sea. De Slufter is an open sea channel in direct connection with the North Sea. Seawater flows into the landscape in winding creeks, changing with the tides. Nature looks different here every moment of the day. The same goes for the Wadden Sea, a nature reserve declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The great variation ensures that you can encounter many plant species that can only be found on Texel in the Netherlands. It is also an interesting area for animals. Numerous birds can be found here, such as the hen harrier, eider duck, shelduck, spoonbill and black-tailed godwit. Throughout the area, you will therefore encounter bird-watching huts in many places. With a bit of luck, you might even see a seal lying on the beach benches!

Nationaal Park Duinen van Texel

National Park Dunes of Texel
1796 AZ De Koog

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