Museum Dorestad - De Fibula van Dorestad
Museum Dorestad

Museum Dorestad - Wijk bij Duurstede

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The museum takes you back in time to the world from prehistoric times to the early Middle Ages. Back then, Dorestad, as Wijk bij Duurstede was then called, was an important trading town in north-western Europe. The rich city was plundered several times by the Vikings, but Vikings were also active there. What is the difference between the two? And how did such a rich, famous trading city come to be lost?

After a visit to this interactive museum, you will know all about it! The museum is temporarily closed due to a move and renovation. The doors are expected to reopen in January 2023.

Pictured with this stepping-off moment is the 'Fibula of Dorestad', a cloak pin found during one of the archaeological searches for the former city. It is currently on display at the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden.

Museum Dorestad - De Fibula van Dorestad

Museum Dorestad
Kompas 2
3961 JJ Wijk bij Duurstede

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Due to renovation work, it is temporarily closed. It is expected to reopen in January 2023.

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