Munnikkenmolen - Leiderdorp

N 52.155537 / E 4.551212

The Munnikkenpolder was founded in 1457: approximately 193 ha, head 1.00 m. Pieces from 1486 mention a mill for the first time. It started as a wip mill, which was followed up again and eventually there was the Munnikkenmolen. The mill had to be rebuilt due to a fire in 1890. The Melman company from Warmond took on this task in itself. Nowadays you will find the Munnikkenmolen in the Munnikkenpolder, which was moved there in 2014.


Peter van der Voortpad
2353 EZ Leiderdorp

Contact details
T: +31651057374

You can visit the mill when the blades are rotating or make an appointment.

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