Monument voor de Verdronken Dorpen
Monument to the Drowned Villages

Monument to the Drowned Villages - Colijnsplaat

N 51.599789317943 / E 3.8619418887921

To keep alive the memory of the nearly 200 drowned villages in the Delta area of Zeeland, South Holland and North Brabant, the Monument for the Drowned Villages by artist Lydia Schouten stands on the Oosterscheldedijk. Over the centuries, this Delta region faced major storms and huge floods of water, and entire villages and towns were swallowed by the sea. In Zeeland, there were at least 120 of them.

The monument, a drowned spire, is illuminated from within as dusk sets in. At certain times, related to the years when main major floods occurred, a sound composition sounds from the monument. At 11:34, 14:04 and 15:30, they recall one of the first great floods, the First St Elizabeth's Flood and St Felix's Flood, respectively. Listening to this composition in front of that once mighty Eastern Scheldt is a special experience.

On the steps leading up to the monument, you can read the names of drowned villages and the text: "It applies now, it applies later. Distrust the power of wind and water."

Monument voor de Verdronken Dorpen

Monument to the Drowned Villages
4486 PN Colijnsplaat

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