Monastery De Achelse Kluis

Monastery De Achelse Kluis - Hamont-Achel

N 51.2989865 / E 5.4875613

Do you know how to crack De Achelse Safe (Kluis)? A very old monastery is located just across the Border of Belgium. In addition to its fascinated look, it also has a rich history. In 1846, during the interruption of the French Revolution, the Westmalle Trappist monks founded St. Benedict Abbey on this site. Popularly known as De Achelse Kluis. Tip: Check the calendar on the website for activities and tours. One of the former stables has been converted into a brasserie, where you can enjoy delicious lunch meals. Do you like drinking special beer? Then try one of the Achel Trappist beers. You can also buy them in the Abbey Shop where they have an additional range of monastic products, books, religious articles, CDs and cards.

Monastery De Achelse Kluis

Monastery De Achelse Kluis
De Kluis 1
3930 Hamont-Achel

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T: +3111239100

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