Molen de Vlinder
Molen de Vlinder (Butterfly)

Molen de Vlinder (Butterfly) - Deil

N 51.887601 / E 5.226011

Along the Linge between Deil and Enspijk stood a hollow post mill until 1913, which was destroyed by fire in the same year. The miller at the time, G.J. de Heus, had a round stone tower corn mill built, which was given the name De Haas. This mill also burned down in March 1931. De Haas was restored that same year with parts from the mill in the village of Heukelum, which had been demolished. In order to fit the unusual roof, the hull and the sails were shortened by about 1.5 metres and the layout of the attic changed. Today, the grinding buckets are in the former grain loft and the grinding stones are in the tower loft.

The mill was restored in 1961 and 1975. During the next restoration in 2001 and 2002, when the plaster was removed from the inside of the hull, the places where the beams used to be were found. The burnt beam heads were still in the wall. After the restoration of the hull and the stucco, these places are still visible deep in the hull.

Molen de Vlinder

Molen de Vlinder (Butterfly)
Appeldijk 4
4158 ES Deil

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The mill can also be visited by appointment.

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