Molen de Hoop
Mill de Hoop

Mill de Hoop - Appel

N 52.197288 / E 5.52595

The mill is probably a former oil mill, originating from the Zwolle area. The first owner of the current mill was Mrs. A.F.E. Baroness van Goltstein, customs officer F.W.J. baron van Aylva van Pallandt, who gave the mill on long lease to the first miller E. van de Poll. The mill was acquired by A.J.H. in 1970 through several other owners. Toele, and after his widow's death in 1973. The mill has been owned by the Krijnen couple since 2002.

Decay and restoration
Due to lack of maintenance, the mill has stood idle with a rod for years. The current owners, with the support of the municipality of Nijkerk and the province of Gelderland, saw an opportunity to start a large-scale restoration in 2004, as a result of which the mill was able to grind again in October 2005. Then the high and dense vegetation around the mill was also thinned considerably. The mill was previously restored in 1955 and 1972.

Molen de Hoop

Mill de Hoop
Barneveldseweg 178
3862 PD Appel

Contact details
T: 033-2461114

Opening hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday 09:30 - 15:30
Sunday Closed

Also open when the blue pennant blows.

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