Molen de Bouwing
Mill de Bouwing

Mill de Bouwing - Geldermalsen

N 51.879671 / E 5.28727

Archive research has shown that there are strong indications that there must have been a corn mill in Geldermalsen since the 14th century. As early as 1311, the Duke of Gelre exercised wind rights here. In 1828, Joost van Aken bought the mill, complete with house, backyard and orchard. The mill was probably in poor condition, because after twenty years it was demolished and a new one was built. After his death in 1864, his heirs continued the milling business until 1871. The name Joost van Aken is inscribed in a commemorative tile in the archway at the entrance to the belt chamber.

In 1871, the mill was taken over by farmer Jan Dirk van Wijk, who sold it in 1904 to the Zijderveld brothers, who in turn sold it in 1926 to E. van Toor-Kieviet. In 1928 the mill came into the possession of the municipality of Geldermalsen. The mill was restored in 1977 and in 1993. When the restoration was completed in September 1977, the mill received its current name. The miller currently grinds flour for cattle feed on a voluntary basis.

Molen de Bouwing

Mill de Bouwing
Rijksstraatweg 33
4191 SC Geldermalsen

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T: +316-11460415

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