Meerburger Mill

Meerburger Mill - Leiderdorp

N 52.153564 / E 4.549243

The Meerburger Mill is a polder windmill dating from 1684 and was located on the Meerburgerwetering until the summer of 2007.

At its new and current location, the windmill is operated by volunteer millers and, together with the Munnikkenmolen in the same polder, it serves as an auxiliary pumping station in the event of extreme flooding or if a pumping station is temporarily unavailable. The Munnikkenpolder has a surface area of 40 hectares (with a culvert under the A4 motorway to the old Munnikken- Zijllaan and Meije polders, 325 hectares), the discharge height is 1.00 m.


Meerburger Mill
Peter van der Voortpad
2351 SX Leiderdorp

Contact details
T: 071-5164840

Can only be visited when the mill is running or by appointment.

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