Meenk mill

Meenk mill - Miste

N 51.944946 / E 6.644701

The mill is named after the farm Meenk of the Tenkink family. Roelof Tenkink commissioned the mill. The mill was put into operation for the first time on 1 August 1851. In 1883, the company was expanded with a mill and sawmill, powered by a steam engine. A Diesel engine in 1922 replaced the steam engine. In 1955 a new mill with silo was built on the site of the sawmill. After that, the mill was no longer used for milling. In 1962 and in 1988 the mill was restored, after which the mill was put back into use on 19 May 1990.

Meenk mill

Meenk mill
Meenkmolenweg 5
7109 AH Miste

Contact details
T: +31543565221

The mill can be visited by appointment.

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