Maarsbergen Estate

Maarsbergen Estate - Maarsbergen

N 52.0456165 / E 5.4014155

Maarsbergen Castle and Estate have a history stretching back to the Middle Ages. Then this estate belonged to the Norbertine Abbey of Berne. Berne is a hamlet on the Maas near Heusden. There, the abbey was destroyed during the Eighty Years' War, but the Norbertines retained their property in Maarsbergen for a long time.

The new Amsterdam owner Samuel de Marez (1632-1691) decided to demolish the old Proosdijhuis and replace it with a new, castle-like house, complete with round corner towers. These were demolished in 1804, but rebuilt in 1930. The house now looks more or less as it must have done in 1656. The estate is enormous; it counts no less than 50 hectares.

Stichting Kastelen Buitenplaatsen Landgoederen
Maarsbergen Estate

Maarsbergen Estate
Maarnsegrindweg 30
3953 LW Maarsbergen

Contact details
T: +31343431218

The estate is freely accessible; the house and its immediate surroundings are not; the orangery can be hired for meetings and weddings.

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