Kasteel Loon op Zand
Loon op Zand Castle

Loon op Zand Castle - Loon op Zand

N 51.6245903 / E 5.0743467

Around 1300, the Duke of Brabant issued the seigniory of Venloon to William II of Horne. During the Eighty Years' War the castle repeatedly passed into the possession of the opposing parties. When Engelbrecht van Immerseel, who at the time owned Loon op Zand, married Helena de Montmorency, a substantial property was created. After their death they are buried in the church of Bokhoven in a beautiful tomb by the Flemish/Amsterdam sculptor Artus Quilinus. In October 2013, the castle was donated to The White Castle Foundation, which has taken up the restoration. It is now possible to rent rooms and cultural activities take place. The motto on the gatehouse is thought-provoking. This text reads: Melius est mori quam facere contra bonam virtutem, which means: it is better to die than to act against good virtues.

Kasteel Loon op Zand

Loon op Zand Castle
Kasteellaan 17
5175 BC Loon op Zand

Contact details
T: 0416-858858
E: info@hetwittekasteel.nl

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

Castle and outbuildings are Bed and Breakfast, wedding location and can be rented for meetings.

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