Leuvenumse forest

Leuvenumse forest - Ermelo

N 52.3067323 / E 5.713502

In the Leuvenumse Bossen, you can enjoy a varied area: there is coniferous and deciduous forest, a large sand drift, heathland and the Leuvenumse brook meanders its way through this area. This brook is the longest brook of the Veluwe, although its name changes to the Hierdense brook near the Veluwe Lake.

The Hulshorster sand is the Dutch Sahara, so go on an expedition in this special nature reserve. In the woods, the sand is retained by trees that were planted around 1900 to prevent drifting sand. Watch out for crossing dung beetles that have a busy day job with the manure of the present wildlife. When you cycle through this area in the morning or evening twilight, you have a chance of spotting red deer or wild boar. That there are boars can often be seen by the churned up ground next to the cycle path.

Leuvenumse forest

Leuvenumse forest
Poolseweg 27
3852 PW Ermelo

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T: 035-6559911
E: info@natuurmonumenten.nl

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