Lazarus Gate

Lazarus Gate - Gouda

N 52.0109 / E 4.71196

At the entrance of Museum Gouda, opposite St. John's Church, stands the Lazarus Gate from 1609: the former entrance gate to the Lazarus House where lepers were taken care of. The image on the Lazarus Gate shows the following: you can see the resemblance of the rich man and the poor Lazarus. Lazarus asks for the crumbs of the rich man's meal. All he gets is the care of the dogs, they lick his sores. On the outside of the picture are a man and a woman. These are lepers with a lazarus valve and a handheld almshell. Finally, at the top there is an image of Lazarus lying in Abraham's lap after his death. Lazarus then became the patron saint of lepers.

Pictures: VVV Gouda.

Lazarus Gate

Lazarus Gate
Achter de kerk
2801 JX Gouda

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