Landgoed de Salentein

Landgoed de Salentein - Nijkerk

N 52.2353834 / E 5.496249

Where neighbor De Berencamp fell from 'spieker to farm', Salentein followed the opposite route. There was a 16th-century homestead called Groot Vaneveld. During the 18th and 19th centuries, it was expanded into an outdoor area and it began to bear the name Salentein. And in 1906 the house gets its present appearance. Willem Marcus van Weede (1848-1925), lord of Salentein and the Berencamp, has Salentein converted and plastered into a house in pseudo-medieval style with battlements and corner towers. By visually involving parts of De Berencamp, Salentein becomes part of a large(r) construction. An explanation for the name was not found. It may have to be searched in the direction of a stone hall or house.

Stichting Kastelen Buitenplaatsen Landgoederen
Landgoed de Salentein

Landgoed de Salentein
Putterstraatweg 5
3862 RA Nijkerk

Contact details
T: +31332475201

The house is a catering facility and meeting location. The estate is freely accessible.

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