Koppelpoort - Amersfoort

N 52.1586212 / E 5.3855866

The Koppelpoort is an impressive remnant of the city wall dating from around 1400. It is the only gate in the Netherlands that combines the functions of a land gate and a water gate. You can visit the gate from the inside with a guided tour. The guide will take you on a surprising 45-minute adventure. Find out, for example, what a troublemaker is and what it has to do with this gate...

The Koppelpoort can also be visited during the daily walking tours of Gilde Amersfoort, for which you do not need to make an appointment. For more information and walking times, see their website.


Kleine Spui
3811 MG Amersfoort

Contact details
T: +3133 – 47 222 36
E: gilde@gildeamersfoort.nl

To be visited with a guided tour, by appointment or at the free walking times.

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