Knoptoren - Sint-Oedenrode

N 51.5657215 / E 5.4702338

Sint-Oedenrode used to consist of two village centres, Eerschot and Rode. Both villages had their own church and the Knoptoren was part of the church in Eerschot. The church started out as a wooden chapel, which was replaced by a brick one, and in the fifteenth century, the tower was added to the church. The Sint-Maartens church, as it used to be called, has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

Nowadays, the tower is rented out for events and parties. Sometimes you can climb the tower for a wonderful view of the surroundings and the river Dommel.


Kerkdijk-Noord 8
5491 AR Sint-Oedenrode

Contact details
T: +31623916912

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