Kager mill

Kager mill - Kaag

N 52.213264761932 / E 4.5719917276591

Ever heard of the Kager mill? This beautiful rocker mill from the 17th century is a real gem you don't want to miss. With its magnificent red upper house and thorough restoration in 1965, it is a real attraction for anyone interested in the history of the Kaagerpolder.

Although the Kager mill has not served as main drainage since 1985, it can still be used to pump the polder in times of extreme flooding or when the electric pumping station fails. A volunteer miller ensures that the mill remains in operation and ready for action when needed.

The history of the Kaagerpolder dates back to 1683, when three smaller polders were merged. It is believed that the current mill dates from the same time or was built slightly later. When repairing the upper wheel a few years ago, they discovered the year 1821 in a wooden joint. This indicates that the mill is very old and possibly even older than 1821.

But that's not all that makes the Kager mill so special. In fact, the mill is located on a Boot Trail that begins at Bezinningscentrum de Stal and runs right through the polder area on Kaagiland. The trail is five kilometers long and is free to walk, but wearing boots is not a luxury. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and discover the history of the polder.

*Please note: Mill is only accessible on foot.


Kager mill
Balgery 2
2159 LZ Kaag

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