ILSY park

ILSY park - Den Haag

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The ILSY park is named after the International Aviation Show Ypenburg that took place annually at the then Rijswijkse Airport Ypenburg. This show was staged between 1945 and 1957 and attended by thousands of people. This is the course of the various shows that took place here:

1st ILSY 1945-1947: Royal Air Force organized an aviation tournament in memory of the Battle of Britain and to commemorate the bombing of the Bezuidenhout in The Hague.

2nd ILSY 1950: The Royal Dutch Aviation Association organized flying parties with fighter jet formations, military stunt scadrilles and demonstrations with the world's first jet glider.

3rd ILSY 1951: The first four Republic F-84E Thunderjets were transferred to the Air Force (LSK) in the presence of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

4th ILSY 1952: A Bristol Freighter, a Fauvel Flying Wing, an English Electric Canberra, three different De Haviland's and a Bücker Jungmeister took part in this ILSY.

5th ILSY 1955: The Royal Family attended this show along with 200,000 paying visitors. They watched a parade of light aircraft, stunt flying shows, art and formation flying, parachuting, a helicopter parade and a final parade of NATO jet fighters.

6th ILSY 1957: This is also called the Golden ILSY. The organization (KNVvL) existed for 50 years and this was celebrated with the same audience as at the previous ILSY. This was the last aviation show at Ypenburg. The number of visitors became too high, the surroundings were annoyed by the noise and the shows were also stopped for safety reasons.

ILSY park

ILSY park
2497 GA Den Haag

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