Hoge Broek nature reserve
Hoge Broek nature reserve

Hoge Broek nature reserve - Raalte

N 52.426115 / E 6.321234

Near Raalte is a special nature reserve: Hoge Broek. The area is not accessible to visitors, but you can still enjoy it when you cycle along the Overijssels Kanaal. Stop there for a look at this unique piece of nature that was agricultural land not so long ago. Because sand is being extracted in the area, a lake area will develop in the coming years, which will attract water birds. Natuurmonumenten wants to connect Hoge Broek with the surrounding nature areas. A crossing point for mammals has already been created near the canal.

Hoge Broek nature reserve
Hoge Broek nature reserve

Hoge Broek nature reserve
Wolthaarsdijk Oostzijde
8102 SG Raalte

Contact details
T: 035-6559911
E: info@natuurmonumenten.nl

The area itself is not accessible, but it can be easily seen from the cycle path.

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