Hoeve Boschoord ©WeldadigOord
Hoeve Boschoord

Hoeve Boschoord - Boschoord

N 52.899689746173 / E 6.2262083673906

Hoeve Boschoord is a historic farmhouse that was probably once built as a reclamation barn for the Doldersummerveld.

In 1896, the barn was renamed 'Farm Colony VII', making it part of the Colonies of Benevolence. The Society of Benevolence used the farm as a nursing facility for the 'youthful and anti-social morons'.

According to the Society, the vagrants, beggars and orphans in particular, who lived in the unfree Colonies, needed to be re-educated. They lived in large, square asylums.

Still today, the farm is a treatment centre for young people in need of specialised care.

Hoeve Boschoord ©WeldadigOord

Hoeve Boschoord
Boylerstraat 4
8387 XN Boschoord

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