Hackfort Castle

Hackfort Castle - Vorden

N 52.1002241 / E 6.2766146

Hacvorde is the first name which appears in 1324. Vorde, a ford in a river, says something about the location. The castle is in fact located on the Baaksche brook and given its name, at a place which was once fordable. In the 14th century, mention was made of the Van Hackfort family. Hackfort suffered major damage during the 80 year war. Borchard van Westerholt rebuilds the castle with the reuse of existing parts; The current wall work differs here and there. In 1788 another modernization follows, the main house gets its current appearance, canals are filled and the gatehouse and outbuildings are demolished. Since 1324, the good has always been through inheritance, survival, the most recent heir is the Nature Conservation Society.

Hackfort Castle

Hackfort Castle
Baakseweg 8
7251 RH Vorden

Contact details
T: 0575-552586
E: info@natuurmonumenten.nl

Estate is freely accessible; house and immediate surroundings are not accessible.

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