Hackfort Castle

Hackfort Castle - Vorden

N 52.1002241 / E 6.2766146

Hacvorde is the first name of the property to appear, in a charter of 1324. The name says something about the location: a vorde is a fordable place in a river. The castle, situated on the Baaksche beek, was at one time near a ford, according to its name.

The buyer of Hacvorde, Jacob van der Weelle, later called himself Van Hackfort. The Van Hackforts were important men and they steadily expanded their property. During the 80-year war Hackfort suffers great damage. Borchard van Westerholt rebuilt the castle using existing parts and the present wall work was different in some places. In 1788, the main house was modernised and given its present appearance, the moats were filled in and the gatehouse and outbuildings demolished. It is remarkable that since 1324 the property has always survived by inheritance, the most recent heir being the Society for the Preservation of Nature Monuments.

A brasserie has been established in the coach house, which dates back to 1881. The building used to house the stables, the orangery, the carriage shed and a later gardener's house.

Also have a look at the water mill next to the castle.

Not to be visited on Castle Day. Castle and its immediate surroundings cannot be visited. The estate with a walking forest, water mill and several farms is open to the public.

Hackfort Castle

Hackfort Castle
Baakseweg 8
7251 RH Vorden

Contact details
T: 0575-552586
E: info@natuurmonumenten.nl

Estate is freely accessible. House and direct surroundings are not accessible.

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