Grote Veld
Grote Veld (Great Field)

Grote Veld (Great Field) - Vorden

N 52.1349588 / E 6.3262958

The Great Field is a forest with a combination of coniferous and deciduous trees. Hidden in between are a number of heathlands. This used to be a large field where you could see Lochem, Vorden and Almen. That explains the name of this 1920s wooded field.

Natuurmonumenten is making sure that between the monotonous parts, a more varied natural forest with trees and plants that originally grow in this area is restored. The heaths you encounter here and there are slowly being expanded. Thanks to this work, special animals, such as the viviparous lizard and the nightjar, and rare plants, such as the bell gentian, will get more space. Foresters see that the juniper trees are rejuvenating here. This is special because this did not happen for many years, making it rare tree. Now you can see juniper trees in abundance here.

During your cycling tour or walk across the Grote Veld, you might just run into De Belhamel sheep flock, with shepherd and dogs, from Warnsveld. The sheep graze the heathland, preventing it from becoming overgrown.

Grote Veld

Grote Veld (Great Field)
Heidepolweg 2
7251 HT Vorden

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T: 0575-555560

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Open 24 hours
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