Grote Geesterse Molen
Great Geesterse Mill

Great Geesterse Mill - Geesteren

N 52.424636 / E 6.760316

The mill is small, old and has been heavily restored several times, often with parts recycled from the previous mill. Nevertheless, the Great Geesterse Molen stands proudly on Zandberg and is even fully grinding.

Archive documents show that in 1819 the farmer Meijer and his son-in-law A. Masselink were given permission to build a standerd mill at the current location. In 1867, the current bell tower mill was built, with beams from the demolished standerd mill being reused. In 1933, the windmill operation was discontinued. From then on, only electric milling was used. The mill was still in use commercially until the 1950s. After that, the mill experienced some difficult years. Thanks to a restoration in 1974 and 1975, the Kienhuis family managed to preserve the mill.

On 20 December 1995, the mill was transferred by the Kienhuis family to the Stichting Grote Geesterse Molen (the Great Geesterse Mill Foundation), which had the mill restored shortly afterwards. On 23 August 1997, the mill was festively put back into use as a grinding mill.

In the mill, there are all kinds of attributes that teach children in a playful manner how a mill works and how the miller handles the heavy work.

Grote Geesterse Molen

Great Geesterse Mill
Hardenbergerweg 92
7678 VS Geesteren

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T: 06 2299 1790

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Monday Closed
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Saturday 09:30 - 13:00
Sunday Closed

Groups are also welcome at other times by appointment.

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