Vestingstad Leerdam
Fortified town of Leerdam

Fortified town of Leerdam - Leerdam

N 51.8897179 / E 5.0917646

Whether Leerdam is a true fortified town? Scholars do not entirely agree on that. But that doesn't matter: Leerdam still has many old and unique spots where you will experience history.

Leerdam has a rich history, including periods when it had strategic and military importance. It is known that Leerdam had fortifications in the Middle Ages, such as a castle that played an important role in its defence. However, compared to other Dutch cities that are widely recognised as fortified towns and have largely preserved or restored their fortifications, evidence of extensive defences in Leerdam is less prominent in the contemporary city structure.

The city wall on the Zuidwal could tell you a lot about the city's history. About how the city was once surrounded by walls, moats and gates. It received city rights no less than three times: in 1382 by Otto of Arkel, in 1407 by Count Willem VI, and again in 1428 by Arnold of Gelre when the city was in Gelderland hands for a while. So there is plenty to experience!

Vestingstad Leerdam

Fortified town of Leerdam
4142 LA Leerdam

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