Fort Daatselaar
Fort Daatselaar

Fort Daatselaar - Renswoude

N 52.085801 / E 5.555397

The best preserved defence work of the Grebbe Line from the French period is located on the border of the provinces Utrecht and Gelderland. Where the Slaperdijk and Groeperkade meet, you can see the (restored) remains of a fort. With the water of the Lunterse Beek, the land between these two dykes was flooded to defend against the enemy (inundation).

The Fort Daatselaar, built in 1799, shows in a unique way that the history of the Grebbelinie goes back much further than the Second World War. For example, in the corners you can see ramps where cannons were hauled up with horses. In the centre of the fort there was once room for tents with more than 600 men. You can also see where gunpowder was stored in the dike.


Fort Daatselaar

Fort Daatselaar
3927 CH Renswoude

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