Boswachterij Speulderbos
Medusa in het Speulderbos
Forestry Speulderbos

Forestry Speulderbos - Garderen

N 52.238056 / E 5.688333

Cycling into the Speulderbos feels like entering a cathedral. The tall trees filter the light and the only sound you hear is the church choir of birds of all kinds.

What is striking about this ancient forest is that most of the trees are crooked. At dusk, or in fog, they seem to dance. The forest is therefore also called 'the forest of dancing trees'. It is a 'male forest', in which in earlier times
only the straight trunks were cut down for use. The moraines in the area indicate that the area originated during the ice age.

Along the cycle path is an impressive artwork created by leisure artists Theo Borger and Andre van Beek. This Medusa was created in a fallen Douglas fir about 80 years old. These artists are also responsible for the wooden monks at the Solse Gat.

Boswachterij Speulderbos
Medusa in het Speulderbos

Forestry Speulderbos
Putterweg 68-70
3886 PG Garderen

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T: +31306926111

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