FELIDA Big Cat Centre

FELIDA Big Cat Centre - Nijeberkoop

N 52.9600028 / E 6.1716568

The foundation VIER VOETERS is an international animal welfare organisation and has been working for animals in need all over the world since 1988. VIER VOETERS has several of its own animal rescue centres, including FELIDA for big cats. VIER VOETERS took over the shelter in Nijeberkoop, then called Pantera, in late 2013 and has been able to do a lot in the area of animal welfare.

Wild animals do not belong in captivity, but the big cats in FELIDA have been rescued from bad circumstances (for example circuses, private property and miserable zoos) and can never return to the wild. FELIDA provides a home for big cats, such as lions, tigers and leopards. FELIDA provides a solution where these animals can live as natural a life as possible. This means that they can show their natural behaviour, do not suffer from hunger or thirst and are free from pain, fear, stress and other distress. Animal welfare is FELIDA's top priority.

FELIDA Big Cat Centre

FELIDA Big Cat Centre
Grindweg 22
8422 DN Nijeberkoop

Contact details
T: 0516-451648
E: felida@vier-voeters.nl

FELIDA Big Cat Centre is not normally open to visitors. Check the website for news of exclusive visitor days.

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