Stal de Elza Hoeve
Koe in Stal de Elza Hoeve

Farm De Elza Hoeve - Leiden

N 52.131306 / E 4.468834

During the Dutch Golden Age, Leiden was the second largest city in the Republic, after Amsterdam. Before the Spanish siege of 1574, the city had 15,000 inhabitants. A century later, the city numbered over 60,000. A lot of livestock farms arose around the city to provide all the Leiden residents with dairy and food. During that time, Zoeterwoude had about sixty cheese farmers. Now, nine still remain. Elza Hoeve falls under the Leiden area and we are the last dairy farm in this municipality!

Do you really want to relax? Find inner peace amongst the cows! We will teach you the language of cows, so you know what they like and don’t like. You’ll experience what it means to be allowed to rest against 700 kg with a body temperature of 39 degrees. Getting acquainted with these animals is often met with mutual gratitude. The cows will cuddle you in return! However, not every cow wants to be cuddled... We will pair you with the right cow.

Bij boerderij De Elza Hoeve kan je terecht voor een boerenpicknick, boerenlunch, high tea en/of een workshop 'beschilder jouw eigen koe'.

Stal de Elza Hoeve
Koe in Stal de Elza Hoeve

Farm De Elza Hoeve
Vlietweg 82
2323 LG Leiden

Contact details
T: 0621553663

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