Entry point bicycle ferry Eemlijn

Entry point bicycle ferry Eemlijn - Bunschoten-Spakenburg

N 52.25922 / E 5.382191

About ten minutes before departure, the boat will dock at the boarding point. Enjoy the water crossing and then continue your cycling route. Do you get thirsty or hungry during the boat trip? There is a mini bar available! Drink a cup of coffee or tea and order a sandwich or soup from the crew.

PLEASE NOTE: Bicycles with a petrol (auxiliary) engine are not allowed on board.

Entry point bicycle ferry Eemlijn

Entry point bicycle ferry Eemlijn
3752 AB Bunschoten-Spakenburg

Contact details
T: 0651942279
E: info@eemlijn.nl

Check the website for rates and sailing schedule. Please note: the boat only sails between April and November.

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