East Mill

East Mill - Mijnsheerenland

N 51.802635 / E 4.528635

The East Mill is the last remaining smock mill in the Hoekse Waard. The East Mill fell out of use in 1948 and was last used during the flood disaster of 1953. This was followed by the decline of the mill. In 1962, the municipality of Mijnsheerenland bought the East Mill. Since 1992, the smock mill has been managed by the foundation Molens Binnenmaas and is currently the reserve pumping station for the polder.

Many dates have been carved into the mill, the oldest being 1731. However, the archive contains invoices from 1546 for work on the wateringhe of the East Watermill. The accounts give sums for a year's wages for milling, keeping the mill trough dry, lapping the seijlen, splitting the ropes, plugging and digtmaking the suijgers and putting on and taking off the seijlen, a sum of 90 guilders.

The mill is currently home to an authentic miller's house, which is furnished according to the lifestyle of around 1900. In 2011, a large-scale restoration was started. During this restoration, the windmill was set straight again and the loose connections in the supporting construction were repaired. On 1 June 2013, Mayor Borgdorff of the municipality of Binnenmaas was able to officially put the mill back into use.


East Mill
Provincialeweg 7A
3271 LW Mijnsheerenland

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