Drive-in Museum
Drive-in Museum

Drive-in museum | World Heritage Lower German Limes - Woerden

N 52.086056 / E 4.881891

The Lower German Limes has been a World Heritage since 2021 and formed the border of the Roman Empire in the Netherlands and Germany two thousand years ago. The Romans were in our country for some 450 years and left behind all kinds of traces. Not only did they lay the foundations for our infrastructure and alphabet, but many archaeological treasures have also been found along the Limes, which can be admired in our museums. Here you will find everything from everyday objects such as Roman coins and tools to larger traces such as the remains of forts, watchtowers and even Roman ships.

Park your car in this car park and start your cycle route straight into Roman times, or get off your bike and walk downstairs. In this car park, you can see various archaeological remains of a former Roman army camp and parts of the previously found 'Ship Woerden 7'.

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Drive-in Museum
Drive-in Museum

Drive-in museum | World Heritage Lower German Limes
Meulmansweg 8 S
3441 AT Woerden

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T: 0715126216

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