Doorwerth Castle
Doorwerth Castle
Doorwerth Castle
Doorwerth Castle

Doorwerth Castle - Doorwerth

N 51.9667529 / E 5.7886569

The castle was first mentioned in 1260, during the siege by the lord of Vianen. He also set fire to the castle, probably as a result of a punishment imposed by the Count of Gelre to put an end to the predatory practices of Berend van Dorenweerd, who then owned the castle. During the next twenty years, the castle was restored. In 1435, Reinald bought the castle from Homut and expanded it considerably. In 1560, Adam Schellaert of Obbendorf carried out a renovation. Only changes to the north corner were made at a later date, as well as those to the gate building from 1640, which were commissioned by Johan Vincent van Schellaert van Obbendorf. In 1837 the castle was sold to Jacob Adriaan Prosper of Brakell. He restored the castle and went to live there. After the death of his widow, the decline begins again. After the founding of the Doorwerth Association in 1909 and the acquisition of the castle by this association in 1910, an artillery museum was established here. This museum would later be continued in the Army Museum in Delft. During World War II the castle was severely damaged but was then restored. Now the Museum for Nature and Wildlife Management and Museum Veluwezoom are housed in the castle. The castle also has a ghost: a girl who was once starving within the walls would still be walking around here...

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Doorwerth Castle
Doorwerth Castle
Doorwerth Castle
Doorwerth Castle

Doorwerth Castle
Fonteinallee 2b
6865 ND Doorwerth

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