Museum Huis Doorn - Aanzicht van het huis
Museum Huis Doorn - De gele salon
Doorn House

Doorn House - Doorn

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Huis Doorn became famous after the outgoing German Kaiser Wilhelm II bought it in 1919 and lived here until his death in 1941. By German standards, the manor house is probably a modest place, but everything indicates that the emperor enjoyed his stay here. The furnishings of Huis Doorn come from the imperial palaces in Berlin and Potsdam, but also from objects from 59 railway carriages, which Wilhelm II took with him after he went into exile in the Netherlands. Magnificent furniture, paintings, silver and porcelain objects as well as tapestries enabled the royal lord to live in luxury here. The interior is still completely intact and offers the visitor a true picture of how royalty lived at the beginning of the last century. The house forms the backdrop to European allure and regal German history.

His body is buried in a mausoleum that was built in the park a year after his death. Huis Doorn, the beautiful park forest and the Auguste Victoria rose garden located therein attract many visitors from Germany and other countries. In the former garage of Wilhelm II, the pavilion "Netherlands and the First World War" is located. There, the exhibition tells the story of the neutral Netherlands and shows that this First World War did not leave the Netherlands untouched. There are also regularly changing exhibitions.

Museum Huis Doorn - Aanzicht van het huis
Museum Huis Doorn - De gele salon

Doorn House
Langbroekerweg 10
3941 MT Doorn

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