Koepel van Stoop
Koepel van Stoop
Dome of Stoop

Dome of Stoop - Woudenberg

N 52.083327313137 / E 5.345131432

In the middle of the Zeister bossen lies a charming little building: Dome of Stoop. The building is clearly visible from the Zeisterweg. The dome is located on the Den Treek-Henschoten estate on the border of Maarn and Woudenberg.

In 1840 the dome was built in neoclassical style by garden architect J.D. Zocher Jr. The commission came from the Amsterdam banker J.B. Stoop. He was the owner of a number of moorlands near Zeist, where he had planted new woods. His dream country estate was to be built on a high spot in the midst of these new woods.

Garden architect J.D. Zocher Jr. was commissioned, but got no further than building a teahouse. Due to all kinds of practical objections, the plans for a main house fell through. Since then, only the dome has stood here.

The management of the dome is done by the Beauforthuis. From the Beauforthuis a walk has been mapped out to Dome of Stoop. It is also possible to cycle there in approximately 10 minutes.

Koepel van Stoop
Koepel van Stoop

Dome of Stoop
3951 KC Woudenberg

Contact details
T: +31343491858
E: info@beauforthuis.nl

Stoop's Dome is only open during events. You can, of course, always visit it from the outside.

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