De Verkeerstoren
De Verkeerstoren
Het gezellige terras

De Verkeerstoren - Nootdorp

N 52.043304 / E 4.376616

Maybe you didn't know it yet, but the Ypenberg neighbourhood used to be a (military) airfield. Nowadays, a residential area has developed there, but there are still many places of interest that remind you of those days. A special location is the old control tower. Not only because of the tower but also because you can find many historical elements inside. This, combined with delicious coffee, ice cream and possibly a lunch, makes it an absolute must on your list to disembark during your cycling tour!

A bit of history of the Traffic Tower:
The tower was not used for 27 years. You used to find this tower in a large field, where air traffic controllers had a view of all the aircrafts. Nowadays, the roles are reversed and passers-by can view the old tower. In 2015, Solid Build started the restoration of the tower. During this restoration, the existing facility was retained and expanded in the same style. The beautiful details here are not to be missed.

De Verkeerstoren
De Verkeerstoren
Het gezellige terras

De Verkeerstoren
Verkeerstorenplein 1
2631 MZ Nootdorp

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T: +31703560000

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Monday Closed
Tuesday 10:30 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:30 - 17:00
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