Palthetoren op de Sprengenberg
De Sprengenberg (The Sprengenhill)

De Sprengenberg (The Sprengenhill) - Haarle

N 52.341954 / E 6.386985

The Sprengenberg is a beautiful undulating nature reserve in the Salland region. You can take lovely walks here and enjoy what nature has to offer in all seasons. Beautiful flowering rhododendrons in the spring, swaying fields in the summer, purple heaths in August and when there is snow in the winter, it is a true winter wonderland.

On top of the Sprengenberg stands the striking Palthetoren, part of the house that was built in the years 1898-1910 by order of A.A.W. van Wulfften Palthe. The building was intended as a hunting and holiday home, but Palthe ended up living there himself with his wife. Palthe had the house equipped with the latest techniques and eventually the manor was completely self-sufficient. The house is not open to the public.

Palthetoren op de Sprengenberg

De Sprengenberg (The Sprengenhill)
7448 PB Haarle

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