Kasteel Daelenbroeck
Daelenbroeck Castle

Daelenbroeck Castle - Herkenbosch

N 51.1505719 / E 6.0743395

The history of this castle goes back to the beginning of the 14th century. In 1311, Godfrey of Heinsberg, the feudal lord of Wassenberg from Gulik, decided to build a residential and hunting castle in the marshy area (broeck) of the Ruhr valley. Over the years, this castle has been owned by various noblemen. They each left their mark on the whole in their own way. The Eighty Years' War marked its downfall, for in 1598 it was besieged and the main castle destroyed.

After the death of Hattardt van Pallandt, a dispute arose among his sons-in-law as to who would inherit the castle. After endless trials, Jan Ernest van Rollingen inherited the castle in 1707. However, by then he was so impoverished that he was unable to restore the castle, which had long been neglected. He himself decides to live in the outer bailey after having restored this part. He allowed the main castle to deteriorate further but used the cellars as storage sheds. Further demolitions take place in the 19th century.

After 1990, the castle was examined structurally and archaeologically and a new main castle was built on the basis of old archive material. The complex is now used as a hotel, restaurant and party centre.

Kasteel Daelenbroeck

Daelenbroeck Castle
Kasteellaan 2
6075 EZ Herkenbosch

Contact details
T: 0475-532465
E: info@daelenbroeck.nl

Opening hours
Open 24 hours

In use as a hotel-restaurant.

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