Courtyard 't Suideras

Courtyard 't Suideras - Wichmond

N 52.0935692 / E 6.2504917

’t Suideras is old. The first sources in which it is mentioned go back to 1326. Almost nothing is known about the house that was there at the time. The then owner was Henrick van Suderoes. Members of the Suderoes family kept it well until the sixteenth century. After that, Suideras changes owners several times. A striking owner was August Robbert van Heeckeren, who played as an Orange-minded person in the fierce struggle between the patriots and prince-minded people. Something that was not appreciated in the neighbourhood. The current house was built in 1890-1891, not on the site of the old house but next to it. The old house was demolished at the same time as construction. Both the inside and the outside are very decorated. The architectural style is neo-Dutch Renaissance style. On the outside, you can see a lot of natural stone such as the layers of bacon and the decoration above the windows.

Courtyard 't Suideras

Courtyard 't Suideras
Vierakkersestraatweg 34
7233 SG Wichmond

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Cannot be visited on Dag van het Kasteel (Castle Day). House and immediate vicinity arenot open to visitors.

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