Buitenplaats Oranjestein
Country estate Oranjestein

Country estate Oranjestein - Oranjewoud

N 52.9499956 / E 5.9718986

Oranje (orange) stands for the connection with the past of the place and its surroundings, Stein means stone house. After previous owners, Pieter Cats acquired Oranjestein in 1820. Cats starts with the renovation of the house and at the same time a landscape park is being constructed by the landscape architect Roodbaard. Pieter Cats' son-in-law, his son and grandson are expanding the park further. In the end, a plastered two-storey country house is built on a high basement; in neoclassical style. Oranjestein is still a private country estate.

Open for visitors on Sunday afternoons in August and / or September makes it possible for anyone to contemplate the park with lawns and tightly cut, deep winding paths, a winding stream with a chain bridge, a romantic cave, a bird house and a deer park. Finally, scattered in the park are also surprising decorative garden features such as the gazebos.

Buitenplaats Oranjestein

Country estate Oranjestein
Van Limburg Stirumweg 2
8453 JE Oranjewoud

Contact details
T: +31 6-30578182
E: williahomans@gmail.com

The park is accessible for a small fee on Sunday afternoons in August and September and a few afternoons in fall and winter. These additional opening hours will be announced via Facebook. The house and the immediate vicinity are not accessible.

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