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Country estate Huize Bergen

Country estate Huize Bergen - Vught

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The magnificent country estate and Bergen country house was built in 1916, commissioned by the Fentener van Vlissingen-Roosenburg family. Johan Wilhelm Hanrath was the architect of both the country house and the coach house and servants' quarters.

The manor house was originally a summer residence for the family. A deliberate choice was made for a massive building with large rooms, from which you have a perfect view of the surrounding estate.

The park has 16 hectares of land and includes an orchard, a flower farm and a botanical garden. In the pond you will find a real 'bird island' where flamingos used to be kept. Now the island is crowded with many species of birds, ducks and swans.

Special residents are couple Charlotte and Willem van Beuningen, who moved into the house from 1929. They had additional service houses and stables built on the estate. Whereas the previous residents liked to show off the massive stone construction, Charlotte wanted to disguise it with climbing plants. We can still see these on the facade today.

Not only on their estate did the couple do good things. In then-poor Vught, too, they made sure that workers' housing was built and donated the renovation of the town hall to the municipality. During World War II, it was Charlotte who organised food parcels for the prisoners of Camp Vught.

When husband Willem van Beuningen died in 1948, Charlotte sold the estate with the wish that it be given a social function in which the less fortunate could also find a place.

It succeeded: after becoming a school institute for maternity training and life school, Huize Bergen is now a hotel, restaurant and event venue. Generous bedrooms and a classic interior let you stay royally. In the restaurant with lounge and terrace, you will enjoy tasty dishes made from as much local produce as possible.

Proceeds are donated to the Joannes Bosco Foundation.

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Huize Bergen - VisitBrabant
Landgoed Huize Bergen - VisitBrabant

Country estate Huize Bergen
Glorieuxlaan 1
5261 SG Vught

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