Koloniën van Weldadigheid Veenhuizen
Colonies of Benevolence Veenhuizen

Colonies of Benevolence Veenhuizen - Veenhuizen

N 53.033644900869 / E 6.3965752341143

Veenhuizen is a special village. You recognise the straight lane structures here, with one monumental building after another on those lanes. In total, there are more than a hundred national monuments in the village. Admire characteristic service houses, a square-shaped asylum, the former hospital and the director's house.

The village was founded 200 years ago as one of the Colonies of Benevolence, but where the other 'resorts' were free colonies, the one in Veenhuizen was a penal colony. Penal colony, prison village, 'pauper paradise': that was Veenhuizen.

It housed thousands of poor townspeople and orphans who were helped to build a better life. They learned a profession so they could provide for themselves.

After its period as a state work institution (1859-1875), Veenhuizen became a closed, self-sufficient prison village until 1983. You were only allowed to live there if you also worked there.

In 2023, Veenhuizen will be bicentenary. Discover its multifaceted history in the Prison museum, at one of the monuments or during one of the many special activities during this anniversary year.

Koloniën van Weldadigheid Veenhuizen

Colonies of Benevolence Veenhuizen
9341 Veenhuizen

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