Celtic Fields Epe en Vaassen
Celtic Fields Vaassen

Celtic Fields Vaassen - Vaassen

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In the Epe region, there are numerous remains of celtic fields, ancient agricultural systems dating back to the Late Bronze Age. The celtic field near Vaassen, with its vast area of 76 hectares and many walled fields, is a striking example of these ancient agricultural practices. These fields are protected as archaeological monuments because of their historical value.

In earlier times, around 800 BC, farmers on the sandy soils introduced a new farming system. They laid out ordered fields surrounded by small walls, on which they alternately grew crops and grazed cattle. This resulted in extensive field complexes, with settlements often located in the middle. These 'Celtic fields', although once wrongly attributed to the Celts, testify to an advanced agricultural practice.

With the rise of the iron plough in the Early Middle Ages, the celtic field system slowly disappeared. Fields were too small for this new technology, which required elongated fields. Despite these changes, some of these historical landscape features have been preserved in the municipality of Epe, along with other valuable heritage such as house camps. This rich history is an important focus of the municipality's cultural history policy, aimed at preserving and raising awareness of this heritage.

Celtic Fields Epe en Vaassen

Celtic Fields Vaassen
Gortelseweg 63
8171 RB Vaassen

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