Cathedral Radio Kootwijk
Cathedral Radio Kootwijk
Cathedral Radio Kootwijk

Cathedral Radio Kootwijk - Radio Kootwijk

N 52.1733388 / E 5.8187848

In the middle of the rugged Kootwijker nature you suddenly see the imposing building of Radio Kootwijk. In 1923, the PTT established a radio-telegraphic transmitting station here. At the time, it was 'a miracle of modern technique'. Queen-Mother Emma opened the radiotelephone service in 1929 with the words 'Hallo Bandoeng, can you hear me? From that time on, the Netherlands could call the Dutch East Indies. By now, this service is no longer in use, but in the building you can still admire an exhibition of film and photos that bring history back to life.

To some, it is an impressive and characteristic building, to others it looks like a big, mysterious concrete block, but the inside is very stylish. Besides the photo exhibition, you can also visit the building and book a public tour. Various public activities are also organised, such as full moon walks and rut walks, and you can hire the hall for (business) events.

The cathedral is surrounded by the largest forest in the Netherlands, interspersed with the heaths and sand drifts of the Kootwijkerzand. Together they cover an area of 700 hectares: unique in the Netherlands and Europe and therefore also a protected nature reserve.

All in all, therefore, a special piece of cultural heritage and in any case 'space that touches you'.

Cathedral Radio Kootwijk
Cathedral Radio Kootwijk
Cathedral Radio Kootwijk

Cathedral Radio Kootwijk
Radioweg 1
7348 BG Radio Kootwijk

Contact details
T: +310555191665

Radio Kootwijk is not open to the public every day. For excursions visit the website of Radio Kootwijk.

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