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Castle Vorden - Vorden

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Castle Vorden is mentioned as far back as the early fourteenth century. After centuries of being inhabited by various families, the castle was put to use as a town hall. A few years ago, this came to an end. Since then, it has once again been a historically furnished family home that is privately occupied. The lady of the castle gives tours of the historically decorated castle. In the farm next to the castle there is a restaurant.

Originally, the castle consisted of a square tower, which was later expanded with side wings. In 1580 English soldiers in the service of the state caused considerable destruction to the castle. But not only that, they kidnapped the wife and children of then occupant Maurits Ripperda, scion of the old noble family of Groningen. As if this was not enough, shortly after this event a major fire raged. At the end of the sixteenth century the castle was repaired and provided with moats. In the seventeenth century one of the wings was extended. From the late eighteenth century, the castle was hardly inhabited for a long time. A century later, the property came into the hands of the young Paulus Anthony van der Borch, who thoroughly renovated the castle. The prosperity is short-lived. After a forced sale, the castle again fell into disrepair. In 1976, the new owner, the municipality of Vorden, restored the building and lived there until the merger that merged Vorden with the municipality of Bronkhorst.

A special feature is the seventeenth-century fireplace. Most of the windows have cross sashes with shell fillings, while in the tower a late-Gothic staircase spindle can still be admired.

Dag van het Kasteel
Castle Vorden

Castle Vorden
De Horsterkamp 8
7251 AZ Vorden

Contact details
T: 0575-550684

To be visited on Day of the Castle. House and surrounding area can be visited by appointment.

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