Burcht van Oostvoorne
Castle of Oostvoorne

Castle of Oostvoorne - Oostvoorne

N 51.9159756 / E 4.1028811

The Burcht van Oostvoorne or Jacobaburcht was once the epitome of the power and wealth of the lords and ladies of Van Voorne. It is not known exactly when the motte-and-bailey castle was founded or when it was exactly destroyed. The first mention of the lords of Voorne was in any case already in 1108. A motte-and-bailey castle is a typical castle of the late Middle Ages and originated as a fortified house on an artificial hill (motte) with a moat around it. Most of the motte-and-baily castles have not survived the ravages of time. Likewise, the Burcht van Oostvoorne, which fell into disrepair after the extinction of the van Voorne family in 1372. What must have been a rather impressive building is now only a ruin.

Picture: via Huis te Merwede

Burcht van Oostvoorne
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