Bronkhorster Mill

Bronkhorster Mill - Steenderen

N 52.070086 / E 6.178278

Until 1795, the beautiful rights of the owners of the Bronkhorst glory included the right to use the wind. The residents of Bronkhorst were obliged to grind their choirs here. Until 1844, a modern mill stood on the current mill yard, which burned down in the night of 17 to 18 May that year. Christiaan Breukink and his wife Wendelina Hermina Kets had the existing mill built as the successor to the burned mill. After Breuking's death, his widow was the owner until 1860. Until just after the Second World War, the mill was in operation as a grinder. When the blades were stopped, the mill became a prey to the decline.

In 1958 a committee raised funds to have the mill partly restored, which was completed in 1960. The mill was the first mill in the Netherlands to receive a marker for registering the revolutions of the sail cross. As a result, the government contributed to the operation of the mill that remained in private hands. This construction gave rise to a conflict, causing the mill to stand still again. Ir. W. ten Duis then purchases the mill to put an end to the impasse and places the mill in a foundation that managed to tap into all sorts of money sources, so that the mill could be put back into operation.

Bronkhorster Mill

Bronkhorster Mill
Spaensweertweg 2
7221 LB Steenderen

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Open every Saturday from March to September from 10 AM to 5 PM. Open every Saturday from October to February from 10 AM to 3.30 PM.

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